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    Donations are now live! You are now able to support CreativeCraft and in return receive some pretty cool cosmetics/toys! It has taken quite a bit of time to get a wide collection of EULA compliant perks, so I hope you enjoy them!

    Donation features include…

    • /headgui – Enjoy over 5000 in-game heads, all categorized in an easy to use GUI!
    • /banners – Easily create/save ANY banner color/pattern in an easy to use GUI.
    • /capes – Customize a banner and equip it as a cape!
    • /petgui – Select an available animal/monster to be your companion! Pets can be customized, named, ridden, and worn as hats.
    • /petblock – Choose from a vast selection of Minecraft blocks and custom heads to be your pet! Pet Block’s can be customized, named, fed, ridden, worn as hats, and even picked up!
    • /furnish – Choose from a selection of completely custom server-sided Minecraft furniture including camp fires, tents, TV’s, camera’s, and more!
    • /mounts – Choose from a selection of fun mounts that include increased speed, particles, block trails, and more!
    • /particles – Spice up your game with some fancy particle auras!
    • /rename – Rename any item in your hand including color support!
    • /lore – Add lore to any item in your hand including color support and linebreaking with -n
    • /bikes – Spawn in a completely custom drivable bike with some fun acceleration and snappy top speeds!
    • /cars – Similar to Bikes, spawn in custom drivable cars that are even more insane.
    • CreativeCoin – Gamble, buy exclusive in-game perks, extra plots, and more with CreativeCoin!
    • Prefix – Get an exclusive in-game heart prefix showing your eternal love for CreativeCraft!

    Note: Donation packages are somewhat unfinished and more will be added/tweaked/balanced over time. It shouldn’t take long to perfect everything at this point so just bare with me. I will try to roll it all out fairly quick. :)

    Note 2: CreativeCoin(s) and the economy are still heavily under development.

    ✪ Log1x

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