Welcome to our modern Minecraft 1.9 experience.

Recently updated to Minecraft 1.9

Join CreativeCraft today to experience creative Minecraft at it's fullest!

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Thriving for an exceptional experience


Spigot 1.9 and it's dependencies are compiled and configured to maximize performance and minimize load


Powered with Dual E5-2620 CPU's with 64gb of DDR3-1333 on a gigabit port with over 100TB of unmetered-bandwidth running on MineOS, expect a flawless experience.

Friendly Staff

We want you to have a wonderful experience. All of our staff are trained and vetted to be thoughtful, curtious, and helpful. We're all friends here.

Mature Environment

Unlike a majority of servers out there, we encourage a mature environment. Other than racism and typical asshattery, feel free to say what you want!

Hosted in USA

Our server located in Chicago, IL is hosted on a premium bandwidth Internap optimized network with over 8 transit providers for low latency worldwide.

Up to Date

We strive to stay on the latest version of Minecraft despite the obstacles involved