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A Builder-focused Minecraft Experience


Everything you need to build your next masterpiece

Don't believe us? See for yourself.

Automatic Backups

We run off-site S3 backups 8 times a day with a 3 month retention. Your builds are safe – we promise.

Dedicated Hardware

High-end dedicated hardware running a Ryzen 5800x with 128gb of memory. WorldEdit has never been so fast.

Blazing Fast Updates

When it comes to Minecraft updates, we are one of the fastest non-vanilla servers around.

Mergeable 150x150 Plots

Start with a massive 150x150 plot and easily merge it with your other plots using /plot merge.

Get Rewarded

Staying active and building will earn you ranks with very generous perks. Type /ranks in-game for more information.

Zero Dependency on Donations

CreativeCraft has been around since 2014. Whatever you build here is safe and here to stay.

Powered by love

About CreativeCraft

Started in 2014, we have accumulated thousands of hours of experience in maintaining a high performance, bleeding edge creative Minecraft server.

Unlike most servers, we stop at nothing to ensure that your creativity has no limits.

Need another plot? We'll give it to you. WorldEdit? Always free. No voting required.

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